Who we are

A shop designed for all lovers of true Made in Italy craftsmanship

We are a company based on simple but important values. First of all, putting the customer first by giving a service that is up to the quality that has distinguished us for years.

We don’t give a price to our creations but a value

We seek the union between aesthetics and functionality with the sole purpose of offering furnishing accessories with that extra touch of beauty in the environments that surround you. Strengthened by our experience, we will help you make your spaces more functional.

Where Extròitaly was born

Extroitaly was born from the desire to offer Made in Italy products to a public that wants to believe in Italian craftsmanship, seeking that quality that is difficult to find elsewhere. We continuously develop and innovate our products so that, after years, we realized that we had to leave our showroom and reach a wider audience. This site is our window on the web and even more is the mirror of our business: simple, immediate and suitable for everyone: in our Shop you will be enveloped by a shower of colors: living life in black and white is not for us. As artisans we like to get out of the box by freeing our thoughts and giving free rein to our ideas.

What is Extròitaly

Extròitaly is a concept. Extròitaly is an idea. Extròitaly is the union of creativity and design with the wisdom and mastery that characterize a true artisan production. The perfect balance that gives life to a line of products designed to satisfy everyone’s tastes. A place where you no longer wonder what time it is.