The couriers we rely on are Bartolini and TNT  serious companies with which we have always had an excellent relationship over the years and with which our customers have never had problems. We use two shipping methods and we provide free shipping tracking for both:

Free shipping : the goods are sent when we receive the payment notification, which is immediate if you use Paypal, Stripe (card payment) or Klarna, while it is positicipata of 2-3 days if you use the bank transfer (time required for ‘credit of the amount)

Cash on delivery: the goods are sent when we receive the purchase order and shipping has a fixed cost of € 4.90. Cash on delivery is available for orders under € 300

What are the average delivery times for the goods?

Average shipping times are 2 working days from the time of order confirmation.

Do we provide shipment tracking?

Of course! When we ship your order, delivering the products you have purchased to our courier, we will send you an email to inform you of the shipment date and the tracking code for your order number.

How do we pack our products?

With the greatest possible care! We create a quality product and we want our customers to be satisfied with the result: keeping the characteristics of the product intact is a condition we have never thought of failing. We take care of the production of our products from start to finish, therefore we only use the best materials:

1 .  a double-sided cardboard packaging that guarantees rigidity and impact resistance considerably greater than many of the standard cardboard used.  We recommend not to use sharp blades for opening the carton.

2. a plastic bag that seals the product to prevent it from accidentally getting dirty and coming into contact with humidity and so on.

What problems are there with stocks?

One of the main reasons why we provide the free shipping tracking service is precisely to inform our customers as precisely as possible about when they will receive the products they have purchased. Doing so we should go to eliminate the stocks, which represent a significant problem, both for the couriers and for us. When the courier does not find the recipient, in fact he has not been able to make the delivery and therefore the package is temporarily placed in the warehouse of the nearest office waiting for someone to complain. The customer who, despite the precise information of the tracking, unfortunately was not at home at that time, can still contact the nearest office by calling the number on the slip that the courier will have taken care to leave in the mailbox. So don’t worry! Everything you have bought from us you will receive!

How does online tracking work?

In order to access online tracking and verify the transit of the shipment, simply write the tracking code (code present in the shipment email we sent) for which tracking is required, in the appropriate field  of the home page of the shipping company. By clicking on tracking, the site provides real-time information on the status of the shipment. Anyone with the tracking number can access online tracking.
The website of the transport companies provides information on the status of the shipment, i.e. the operational phase of the transport process in which it is located at the time of the tracking consultation. The shipping statuses of a package are as follows:

  1. Confirmed: it means that the shipping order has been taken over
  2.  Collected: means that the package or packages have been collected by the courier
  3. Sent: it means that the parcel and the parcels have been forwarded to their destination
  4. On Delivery: This means that the shipment is on the delivery vehicle
  5. Delivered: means that the recipient has accepted the package
  6.  In stock: it means that it was not possible to make the delivery


What type of payment do we accept?

On our site it is possible to purchase products using only the following payment methods:

1. Paypal:  the safest online payment system in the world, just create a personal account and hook up a credit card … nothing easier!

2. Credit cards:  to guarantee a safe service we have decided to support Stripe which allows the insertion of credit card data in complete safety, protecting sensitive customer data.

3. Klarna – Payment in installments:  The ability to pay in installments for products purchased on the site through Klarna is provided. The payment method is available for cart amounts over € 300 .

4. Bank Transfer: It is possible to make payments by bank transfer, once this payment method has been chosen and the order has been placed, the information necessary to complete the payment will be provided:

  • Iban code,
  • holder of the transfer 
  • random (represented by the purchase order code)

Whether you make the transfer in home banking, or whether you do it by going to your bank, you will have to take into consideration that the shipment of the purchased goods will be made only when we receive the payment slip from our support bank.

5. Cash on delivery (COD):  means a shipment whose content is paid for by the recipient. Upon delivery of the shipment, the recipient must pay the exact amount of the order placed. Attention: the amount paid to the courier must be exact as no remaining money is allowed.

Cash on delivery is allowed for orders of less than € 300 and require a shipping cost of € 4.90

How safe is it to pay online on our site?

Totally safe. We don’t say it just to say it but because being relatively new to e-commerce we asked ourselves the most important question of all: “is it really safe to buy online?”. After several researches and consultations we have come to the conclusion that the only safe way to make a purchase safely online is to use the safest payment portal ever: PAYPAL. As only the payment with a Paypal account or a credit card involves the real online payment. For both procedures, security is guaranteed by the Paypal portal itself, whose security in the transmission of payment is recognized internationally. The Paypal portal also allows payment by credit cards, protecting the data that will be entered relating to the credit card with a rigorous security system.

What happens after you have bought the goods?

At the end of the purchase procedure you will receive an email with the order number containing the list of the products you have purchased and if you have also used the Paypal method, you will receive an additional email from Paypal to confirm the payment. When we ship your goods we will send you a last email in which we will inform you that the goods have been delivered to the courier and above all we will give you the code that you can use for order tracking, so that you know without error when your products will be delivered to you.

Orders and returns


The purchased items must be returned in the same condition in which they were delivered intact, NEW, NOT USED, NOR DAMAGED, inside the CARDBOARD BOX, the NYLON INTERNAL PACKAGE.

Upon receipt of the goods it will be ns. Please check the INTEGRITY of the item and authorize the refund based on the conditions of the same.

If you return the item in accordance with what is illustrated here, you will be entitled to obtain a refund of the price paid for the purchase of the product that is returned.


To make the return send an email to info@extroitaly.com specifying the will to make the return.
Is it possible to cancel or modify an order?

Yes. Depending on the payment method chosen, it is possible to cancel an order until the shipment is processed. When you are notified of the shipment, it will not be possible to cancel or modify the order.

Is it necessary to register on the site to buy a product?

No. Registration on our site does not involve any subscription to third-party services and consists in registering the data necessary for shipping.

Who can you contact for problems with shipments?

For any questions regarding your shipment, delivery times, stocks and so on, always refer to Sabrina by calling 0432 675136. The service is active every day from 09:00 to 12:30, Monday excluded.

When and why can you return a product?

Before shipping, we carefully check every detail to prevent our customers from receiving a damaged product: as an artisan company we focus a lot on the details and quality of the goods so, if during the processing of the product the fabric or a seam should accidentally be damaged, of certainly we would not ship it anyway, but rather we would manufacture one from scratch. Although the packaging material is of the highest quality, if when you receive it you find it damaged, we will return a new product to you at our expense, after sending the damaged product by you.

Procedure for the correct return of the goods

1.  As soon as the courier arrives, check the condition of the packages carefully: if one or more packages should show evident damage that could have compromised the integrity of the content, accept the goods by signing “with reserve” and indicating the type of anomaly found.

2.  Before opening the package (if you have signed with reserve) take a photo of the box / carton still closed: take a photo of the package in its entirety and also a closer one of the area subject to damage / anomaly.

3.  Open carefully, taking care not to damage the contents with cutters or similar.

4.Once opened, check the integrity of the article in all their parts: if you find defects or damage, photograph the product in its entirety or in any case the part of the product concerned first from a distance, and then closely, highlighting the detail of the type of damage. The photos must always be taken before proceeding with the eventual assembly of the products (in the case of items to be assembled). It is recommended to keep the original packaging, which must be reused for the eventual replacement of the item or the damaged part.

5.Reports of damage or defects of the goods must be made by email to info@extroitaly.com quoting the order number in the subject and attaching the photos taken: we will verify your report with the images sent and we will provide you with a reply in the tour of 2 or 3 days. For any doubts or clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us at +39 0432 675136.

6. Should you believe that any anomaly found could be a production defect or transport damage, you must promptly report to Customer Service. The reports on the external condition of the packages must be made on the day of unloading the supply or at the latest the following morning; the reports on the integrity of the items after opening the packaging must be made within 48 hours of unloading.
The report is made by sending an email with the order number, a description of what has been found and attaching the photographic documentation acquired during the installation phases.